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About Me

Hi, I’m Smeetha & I’m more than just a title…hence this page:).

I have science background with a deep passion for communications and all things artful & creative. 

I am driven to help South African Female Researchers take their place at the online forefront of research; where they belong!

I’ve founded Look-Sci & create websites for researchers that capture who they are, not just their research. I capture them holistically so they can be seen as the well rounded people they are. Imagine the collaborations that are missed because we do not know each others interests….

Mom to a toddler (currently dipping into terrible 2’s) and wife to a risk-taker (he supports my whacky ideas) who currently enjoys growing tomatoes. I design and hand make outfits for my toddler, I enjoy digital art and blogging and I’m really freaked out by insects…



Women helping women

I read The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates recently and I am transformed. There is so much to do so we women can step into leadership roles. 

From a #scicomm perspective, I help women better stand out online for the work they do and for who they are. This is a fabulous way to inspire women around you and younger groups who aspire to reach for more.  

Children: We fail them…

I loved! doing science shows with little ones! I know that Africa needs to hugely increase the number of scientists we develop but there are many challenges around that #funding. Maybe we don’t need to force kids into science but we can teach them through science. I love to explain to them that someone who looks like me, A GIRL, PETITE, CUTELY DRESSED, is a scientist!

They need to change the image in their minds before it becomes a possibility for them. I especially love connecting with them through science. They really just need confidence; to question and explore creative thinking. This will benefit them, whatever their chosen career path. 

Happy Clients:)

We are only as good as our last sale…

Lebo Gafane-Matemane


Senior Lecturer


Custom Eyes

Prosthetic Eyes for those without…

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I write a lot! It’s therapeutic…but here and there I am able to share an important idea or share my gratitude through my writing, take a look: 

Why should you as a researcher be socially present?

Why should you as a researcher be socially present?

At the risk of sounding super dramatic:) I feel so satisfied when I google someone and find a really good profile for them. I mean photos, contact details, what they do, who they are, their story, their growth and achievements....their dog/s! Again, at the risk of...