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I met Robin Banks!

He was, as always, cool and confident while I fell all over myself. Totally unexpected and unbelievably special…He means soooo much to me!

I first heard Robin speak at a mind power seminar over 4 years ago and I loved it! Not just his energy, humor and advice – I loved the impact it had on my life. Robin Banks is all about the language we use with ourselves. We all know this..speak positive words, say nice things..but do we do it? I tried after his seminar. I became aware, used affirmations and the impact…AMAZING! I use his advice everyday.

We create our lives everyday! I learned to take responsibility after his seminar. We have so much power in our lives that we may not be using.

Recently, I saw his seminar advertised on social media and I really wanted to go. This time round I had a four month old baby:). I hadn’t arranged with the nanny to watch my daughter at night before and I considered not going at all. But at the last moment I thought…Let’s take her with. As soon as we sat down, she fussed. We were no doubt the center of attention. I stood at the back of the room waiting for the seminar to start. While hopping about to soothe her, Robin Banks comes over to us. He was cooing over little Aarya, while I was trying to remember how to speak:) He asked to kiss her and told me that she is very beautiful. I tried waving over to my husband because I WAS FREAKING out! Then I saw the opportunity! Photo!!! I asked Robin if he wanted to hold Aarya but he said he couldn’t, he was about to go up on stage. I was so disappointed, thats the pic I wanted! I wanted to show it to Aarya one day. He was about to walk away..and I tried again! I asked for a selfie and with the happiest smiled he grabbed my phone and took the cutest selfie. My husband caught up by now and the cherry on top! Robin mouthed over to him that he has a really beautiful family. I could have left there and then, I was so happy! But we stayed. I held Aarya at the back of the room the whole time, ready to run out if she cried. I blocked her ears with my hands and a bib, Robin gets loud:). The aching back (Aarya is heavy!) and sore arms from keeping her ears blocked were worth it! I learned a lot but mostly I was just so entertained by Robin’s insane humor, energy and authenticity!

Life with a baby is so different and challenging at times. I almost didn’t go! But life with a baby is also magical! She was the “bait”(sorry for calling you this Aarya:)) for me to meet Robin! My advice, be open to the magic, it will find you. What we perceive as challenges could be fab opportunities, if we look a bit more. And of course (according to Robin:)), always speak a positive language to yourself:)

Image by Smeetha Singh