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During my internship at a science centre at the University of Pretoria, I discovered that in addition to the general challenges with the transfer of knowledge in our education system, we also fail to support young learners to learn effectively. I came across countless children too afraid to attempt learning and who believed science was a scary concept for ‘clever people’. Not only did this realization deeply sadden me but also sent me on a non-academic journey of trying out science clubs at primary schools.

The intention with these such clubs is three-fold;

(1) create regular sessions in which children can be supported to learn, i.e build a sense of confidence and courage by using positive re-enforcement and creative exercises,

(2) encourage children to continue science and maths through secondary school and,

(3) encourage and teach scientific thinking which is beneficial in facing learning and overall life challenges. Ultimately, I realize that education alone, without the foundation of how to learn effectively, does not encourage effective science leaders.  

Image by Smeetha Singh